JAMAICA.- Red Skorpion blitz tournament "Valentine Edition" - Pasión Ajedrez JAMAICA.- Red Skorpion blitz tournament "Valentine Edition" - Pasión Ajedrez

JAMAICA.- Red Skorpion blitz tournament "Valentine Edition"


Red Skorpion girls are red, FM Shane Matthews was blue, the alcohol was sweet but the Porter-Sniffle ruled.

Action kicked off at the first Red Skorpion blitz tournament held yesterday. Dubbed the "Valentine Edition" chess fans were treated to an insight of what goes on inside the homes Jamaica's chess couples. CM Russel Porter was escorted by his bride WFM Deborah Richards-Porter, Raggie Wynter had his stunning queen WCM Ariel Barrett while there were loud cheers for the newest couple on the block FM Damion Davy and WCM Annesha Smith. nM Darren Wisdom tried to couple up with NM Andrew Mellace but was denied by the organizer who said loudly "not in my cabinet!"

The blitz tournament was a six-round Swiss format. The games were played against the backdrop of music, good vibes, bootyfull ladies - ah mean beautiful (autocorrect) - and a tipsy Wisdom. Many wondered aloud at the absence of the newly minted Jamaican National Champion FM Warren Elliot and the no-show of NM Brandon Wilson. Were they scared? Did they not get permission? Did their dogs eat their homework?

At the end of the night one CM one couple reigned supreme. The Porters, masters of the English and masters in their own right stole the show. Accepting his prize, CM Russel Porter asked the organizer 'what exactly is a Briget Sandal?' A roar of laughter erupted..poor Debs..

It was a beautifully run tournament where, for the first time, video replays were used to quash disputes. The Red Skorpion Girls served with grace, the moon smiled brightly and Orland "Sage" Hall dropped his queen to WCM Ariel Barrett. Better luck next time son - perhaps now you'll do well to keep your eyes above the board.

Red Skorpion would like to thank all their sponsors:

1. Briget Sandals
2. Chess Enterprise
3. Raggie Wynter - The Ron Burgundy of Chess
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